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How My Boyfriend Grew His Penis 2.7" In 3 Weeks

Hi! I'm Bibi, I'm 21 years old and I have a boring office job, but hey, it pays the bills. My boyfriend and I have been going out for 9 months now. Our relationship is pretty good, he's a great guy, and there's just one small problem: SEX! Sex with him is just not as much fun as other guys I've been with. Here's why: his penis is only average size.

What's worse, my last boyfriend had a really big cock. Now, my experience with big guys is that sex is a whole lot more satisfying! They can hit my g spot. They can try different positions without "slipping out" and what's more a big man can make me scream.

I talked to my friends about this and they agreed but none of them were willing to say anything to their men about it. Well, I for one decided not to stand for it any longer! Average isn't good enough for me!

So why is a girl buying penis supplements

I wasn't happy with our sex life. But I really wanted to save our relationship. A few days later I got a text from my friend Marie. She only said, "I figured out an answer to your *little* problem."

Marie said she ordered some supplements from an advertisement she saw on a porn site. Her boyfriend was a good sport and tried them out -- and she was COMPLETELY satisfied with the results!

Well, I couldn't just take Marie's word for it so I went online and did my research.

Research was key to finding the right ones

So here's the thing: people who make male enhancement supplements ALWAYS tell you theirs is the best. Every website gives you a pile of BS about how theirs is the fastest and most powerful and leaps tall buildings but I knew I couldn't trust them. I learned a lot about the ingredients that really work, and the ones that are worthless. I even studied what porn stars use behind the scenes.

It took quite a while but I finally came across two products: Sprung and AminoPrime. They have a very comprehensive approach to penis enlargement. Both products are made in the USA and have full money-back guarantees. As soon as I studied the list of ingredients and read the endorsements of professionals, I knew my search was finally over.

Why buy something when you can get it for free?

Step 1:

Sprung is a powerful supplement formulated with all-natural herbal ingredients, as well as other special ingredients, designed to keep your man big and hard. Mainly Sprung enhances blood flow to the penis resulting in a thicker, wider cock. These size results are permanent after a few weeks! Of course this enhanced circulation is great at boosting your workouts, too, if you're into that kind of thing. You can get really ripped!

Try it for free: Sprung

Step 2:

AminoPrime is the kind of product my boyfriend would try without my encouragement! It is a supplement specifically designed for bodybuilders to help them maximize the size and definition of their muscles. The product contains a slew of amino acids to fuel muscle growth plus other ingredients that help the body create human growth hormone. (And you know the kind of growth we're looking for!) The great part is that AminoPrime elevates energy levels, too. You get a rock-hard man who can keep you moaning until the wee hours of the morning!

Try it for free: AminoPrime

How to tell your boyfriend you bought him penis products

Convincing Jason to try Sprung and AminoPrime was not as hard as I was afraid it would be. Of course he grumbled about it at first, he had to save face. But finally he told me that average wasn't good enough for me (and I agreed!). He said he'd considered trying products like these before but thought they were probably all scams. I told him about all the research I'd done and he agreed to give it a try. He just took one Sprung pill morning and evening, and used the AminoPrime twice a day (I helped him remember!).

Note: some people emailed and asked about side effects. Well, Jason didn't have any -- not a single one.

... and we never looked back

Even on that first night Jason was so much better in bed than my wildest expectations. Within a couple of weeks he was noticeably bigger and oh my God, he felt so amazing!

Not only was he bigger but he lasted much longer than ever before. We started trying kinky new positions (SO much fun!) and other stuff. Nothing makes a girl want to be adventurous like a man who lasts and lasts! Sex has never been so great. I think about him when I'm at work. I just can't wait to get back home and get into bed with him.

So, listen up girls: if you're not happy with your man's size then by all means buy him these two products! I guarantee you won't regret it. You have nothing to lose and a WHOLE LOT to gain!

The exact way Jason increased his penis size:

- He used 2 products both with 30-day free trials
- He took 1 Sprung capsule in the morning and 1 at night
- He used AminoPrime twice per day, in the morning and at night
- It's important that you use both products (they just don't work as well individually)

UPDATE: You should make sure these products are still available -- the free trials are going fast.

It's that easy.

Post your before and after pics below. I can't wait to see those big beautiful cocks!

Hugs & kisses,

PS -- you can order both these products online or by phone, any time at all, even if it's 2 a.m. Order them now and get the best sex of you life -- I promise!

Before Jason Started taking Sprung, he was only about 5 inches - AND he was pretty out of shape. (No stamina at all!) But Sprung and AminoPrime changed all that.. :)

When he started using Sprung, I decided to measure Jason's penis and keep track of his progress. On the first day, Jason measured only 5.2 inches in length.

But within two weeks of using Sprung to enhance his member, Jason had already gained 1.6 inches in length, measuring up to an impressive 6.8 inches in length.

But it didn't end there..

Jason grew over 2 inches in only 4 weeks - and even gained over 1 inch of thickness!

Getting Sprung for Jason was one of the best ideas I've ever had for sure. My boyfriend's new and improved cock delivers all night long!

As if that wasn't great enough on its own, Jason also lost a lot of weight - you can actually see his 6-pack now!

AminoPrime not only gave him the energy and stamina to keep up with me, but it also boosted his metabolism, giving him sexy, lean definition that I just can't stop staring at.




Lindsay Ann
Posted on: 2nd May , 2013

My boyfriend has been looking for penis pills for awhile now (he was worried because he couldn't get me off). This is going to help us so much!!! Thanks for the post.
Enrique J
Posted on: 3rd May , 2013

No one wants average. Believe me, I know. :( That's why I just ordered. Thanks, Bibi!
Posted on: 3rd May , 2013

I can't believe how much more tail I get now since I started using Sprung. Guess size really does matter.
Goldie Main
Posted on: 6th May , 2013

If a girl complains about a guy's penis size, she's a slut or a whore. WTF. Men like big tits, little waists, and curvy asses, right? Well we women want our cocks SUPERSIZED.
Posted on: 7th May , 2013

My best friend likes to brag about his big, black dick and about how all the bitches want his cock. I bet him that Sprung would make my dick bigger then his. (He owes me $20.)
Little Madi Vicious
Posted on: 10th May , 2013

My ex's cock was so small that I'd go straight to the base when I went down on him and couldn't feel a thing when we'd f**k. But my new friend is taking Sprung and the difference is unbelievable.
Adam Rizzo
Posted on: 10th May , 2013

Thank the lord almighty! I think you just saved my marriage, Bibi. I can't wait to see the look on my wife's face when I show her tonight! ;)
Xavier Chia
Posted on: 10th May , 2013

Just ordered mine!
Posted on: 11th May , 2013

Wow! Who knew so many of y'all had the same problem! Keep up the comment love and show me some pics!!!
Justin H.
Posted on: 11th May , 2013

Funny story, I started using Sprung for the exact same reason. I was pretty pissed off at my girlfriend at first, but after taking the pills, I couldn't be happier with the results. See for yourself!
Attached Photo: JUSTINS-JOHNSON.jpg
Posted on: 11th May , 2013

So Bibi, what happened when Andrew stopped taking the pills.?
Posted on: 12th May , 2013

He still takes them. But I read somewhere that your gain will go away after you've stopped taking enhancers.
Posted on: 13th May , 2013

There's nothing like the feeling of breaking a woman's p***y. I started taking Sprung a year ago and the ladies can't get enough.
Posted on: 13th May , 2013

Gotta love the internet.
Jaime Beck
Posted on: 13th May , 2013

I can't stop looking at my dick. Sprung is amazzzzing.
Posted on: 15th May , 2013

My penis is only about 4 1/2, maybe 5 inches erect, and when I caught my girlfriend cheating on me, she said it was because of my penis. That was very hard for me to deal with so I decided to do something about it. Thanks Bibi, really. Thanks to your blog, my dick is now 6 1/2 inches, my new girlfriend loves it, and my ex is dying of jealousy!!!
Guido Alonzo
Posted on: 15th May , 2013

Hey baby, just added you on Facebook. If you ever get sick of that boyfriend of yours, I've got a long and strong one I know you'll enjoy. ;p
Jesse James
Posted on: 16th May , 2013

Alright, alright, here's your picture, woman! (1 1/3 inches longer and counting.)
Attached Photo: IMG_0820.jpg
Posted on: 16th May , 2013

@Guido: Get a life, dude.
@Jesse: I can't lie, you've got yourself one fine dick right there. More pictures? ;p
Jesse James
Posted on: 16th May , 2013

Hahaha, it didn't used to be. Sprung is the shit.
Posted on: 16th May , 2013

Nobody has talked about girth here!!! MY dick has gotten almost an inch wider and my gf complains because she's always choking now. WIN.
Posted on: 16th May , 2013

@Andre: LOL, that's great! Post a pic! I'm sure you're girlie won't mind... ;)

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